This workshop will help you to cope with earthly and energetic changes in and around you. It will give you tools to transform the unknown into the known. It will transform the unconscious into the conscious. It will help you to make the energy of 2020 easier to integrate!


A workshop for StarSeeds, Empaths, Sensitives and Intuitives



This year brings an Energy Ascension, which means we have the opportunity to reset our life-path. We have to shift our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cosmic and energy body into a more refined version of itself. It will also be an highly intuitively charged year and I am sure most of you can feel the strong intuitive promptings already. It will also be a year of structure and discipline, almost creating a shell for energy to move into, this structure can create new and wonderful things. 

Spiritually we are all working with clearing subconscious mental/emotional patterns. These patterns have over the years crystallised into physical behavioural patterns that one might be struggling with.

Examples of these includes addictions to substance, addictions to drama, addictions to negative emotional states, energy fragmentation, self-sabotage and energy attachments.

Finally, everything on earth moves and evolves through cycles of energy. History repeats itself, fashion repeats itself, everything moves in a circle. Life and evolution is not a linear experience but more a mandala of constant involution and evolution. What is inside will manifest in the outside world and what is reflected in the outside world, becomes our inner world or inner weather. This inner-weather is what sabotages or spiritual growth.



I am Super excited to share this course with you:


This workshop is so long overdue, I have received the information years ago form a small alien being that lives inside my head(just kidding). Just checking if you are reading and not scrolling.The crystal soul body is a layer in your energy field just outside of your auric field. It looks like a web of crystalline energy and this web connects us to our gifts, talents and healing abilities. If you have been attracted to crystals, silvery turquoise water and having dreams or feelings of fantastical places like Egypt and Atlantis then the workshop might be aligned with your soul.


So how do you know that the energy of 2020 is affecting you?


  • emotional turmoil
  • fluctuating energy levels
  • headaches
  • un-groundedness
  • dreamstate awakening
  • increased sensitivity to intense situations
  • dietary changes
  • lack of sleep
  • allergies
  • the cave syndrome
  • scrambled memory 
  • feeling lost
  • unexplained emotions
  • awareness increased
  • seeking soul’s purpose
  • intuitive awakening
  • disease patterns
  • buttons are being pushed
  • fear and anxiety


How do you know you are ready for this workshop?


  • feelings of boredom or feeling lost
  • wanting a closer connection with spirit
  • seeking to see the unseen world
  • tired of repeating the same energy patterns over and over
  • tired of repeating same issues with family members
  • tired of not being in abundant flow
  • seeking a deeper meaning in life
  • wanting to grow spiritual and intuitive abilities
  • wanting to see auras, guides, angels and other energy beings
  • wanting a deeper connection with earth and Self
  • seeking perspective about your life 



What you will learn:


  • You will learn various new energy balancing techniques to align your energy to your highest Source.
  • You will lean about different energy vampires and how they manipulate you to get your energy. 
  • You will learn how to create healing intentions that will help you to reset your subconscious mind while you are asleep
  • You will learn how to activate the energy of your crystal soul body


Healing tools for Energetic Self-Care: 

Meditation Animation


The following list of energetic self-care tools can be used to balance your own energy. You will receive the information in a visual, vibrationally aligned Meditation Animation. I was instructed to create this process in this manner to include subliminal suggestions, frequency music and a visual animation to make the left and right brain happy. The Meditation Animation can be used to charge your energy, align your energy and to bring healing into your body. The more you use the animation the more it entrains your aura to lift its frequency.


The Meditation Animation will do the following:


  • Correct your chakra spin
  • Heal and align your Auric Layers
  • Activate your Soul-Star chakra
  • Activate your Earth-Star chakra
  • Activate your Soul-Meridians
  • Increase your Energy Immunity
  • Connect you to your core energy
  • Clear energy fragmentation
  • Eliminate subconscious sabotage    


How it works:


  • You will receive the Ignite your Soul notes in a PDF format
  • You will learn clearing rituals to brighten your aura and chakras
  • You will receive online support through videos and meditations
  • You will receive access to the Meditation Animation 


You study / play in your own time so, you receive your notes and do the course at your own pace in your own time.


What you need:


  • 20 min each day to do energy exercises
  • Download Adobe Reader free at 
  • Access to a printer 



Ps: this workshop was created for light hearted seekers of wisdom, your beliefs will get challenged, your mind will expand, and your heart will open. Let the games begin….


Ignite your Soul

  • You will receive a special login code to access videos and exercises related to this course

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