“ In Hinduism, the Lotus Flower is the symbol of purity, beauty, eternity, prosperity, and fertility, because of its unique blooming cycle, the flower demonstrates a metaphysical soul purpose of transition into purity. This unique life path teaches us the way to pure illumination of consciousness”



“the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character”

“an extract or concentrate obtained from a plant or other matter and used for flavouring or scent”



“Perfume is magic. It's mystery.

We recreate the smell of a flower. Of wood. Of grass.

We capture the essence of life. Liquefy it.

We store memories.

We make dreams.”

- M.J. Rose - 


I love to travel and my passion is to find authentic objects and oils made by people who tell their stories in the beauty they create. I am always inspired by the natural ingredients harvested and produced in time-honoured ways, this sparked my curiosity in creating my own range of spiritual tools to assist balance and healing.

On my travels, I have collected pure essential oils and resins from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Zanzibar, France, and Australia. These special oils and resins form the foundation of my range called Lotus Essence.

The elixirs are handcrafted using artisanal skills and produced in limited quantities through the use of traditional methods of blending and alchemy. 



“Scent is our most primitive sense,

it's the closest thing to the emotional brain.

It penetrates you. You love it, and you

want to be part of it.”

- Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone -


The Lotus Essence range has been synergistically created from the four main scents of aromatherapy –floral, fresh, oriental and woody. These light and clean-smelling room sprays receive fabulous reviews for having enticing but not overpowering scents.

 The ​Lotus Essence range is hand-made by us in Cape Town with an infusion of sacred water and 100 % pure essential oils. No polysorbates or synthetic ingredients are used and as with all our products, these Artisanal Elixirs are never tested on animals. Each bottle contains a crystal chip that is used to disperse the specially mixed elixir gently before spraying. 

The Elixirs can be sprayed into the air in a room-filling the air with freshening, revitalising and purifying essences.  They can be gently sprayed on clothing, bed linen, towels, pillows and even as a body mist for people!


Use the Artisanal Elixirs to invite harmony into your space:

  • to clear unwanted stagnant energy out of the space

  • to remove stale odours

  • to freshen and uplift 

  • to calm and relax - spray onto the pillow for a peaceful night's sleep


The purest and most concentrated essence of something.
The most perfect embodiment of something.
In ancient and medieval philosophy, the fifth and highest essence after the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, thought to be the substance of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things.


Examples of some of the Lotus Essence Scents:

Aura Essence Range:

the pure aromatics in these Essences will activate and awaken the senses.


Chakra Range:

the pure aromatics in these Essences will harmonise and balance the chakras.

Guru Essence:

the pure aromatics in these Essences will revitalise your energy and inspire connection.


Smudge Range

The pure aromatics in these Essences will clear the air and bring harmony to a space.




Artisanal Elixirs are always supplied in glass bottles, either amber or blue glass in 50ml or 100ml sizes. Plastic containers are environmentally unfriendly and it is well known, destroy the efficacy of the essential oils.


Please visit our shop and see which elixir connects with your soul.

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