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Our Artisanal Essences have been synergistically created from the four main scents of aromatherapy –floral, fresh, oriental and woody. These light and clean-smelling room sprays receive fabulous reviews for having enticing but not overpowering scents.

Artisanal Elixirs are hand-made by us in Cape Town with an infusion of sacred water and 100 % pure essential oils. No polysorbates or synthetic ingredients are used and as with all our products, these Artisanal Elixirs are never tested on animals. Each Artisanal Elixir bottle contains a crystal chip which is used to disperse the specially mixed elixir gently before spraying. 


Artisanal Elixirs can be sprayed into the air in a room filling the air with freshening, revitalising and purifying essences.  Artisanal Elixirs can be gently sprayed on clothing, bed linen, towels, pillows and even as a body mist for people!

Use the Artisanal Elixirs to invite harmony into your space:

•    to clear unwanted stagnant energy out of the space
•    to remove stale odours
•    to freshen and uplift 
•    to calm and relax - spray onto the pillow for a peaceful night's sleep


Examples of some of the Artisanal Elixir Scents:


This elixir is infused with bursts of fresh notes such as Bergamot, Mandarin and Tangerine, as well as Roman Chamomile and Ylang Ylang essential oils, all chosen to create calmness. 


This elixir is infused with exotic and floral notes such as Frankincense, Pink Pepper and Geranium essential oils, to relax the senses.


This elixir is infused with purifying and uplifting notes such as Lemongrass and Mandarin essential oils.


This elixir is infused with uplifting and revitalising citrus notes such as Orange Bitter and Clementine essential oils.