“Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past nor future, but the third eye embraces eternity. The only true security that is available is through our intuition. If we seek to satisfy our ego, our third eye will remain closed- emotions will block clairvoyance as we become emotionally attached to people. Clairvoyance is the challenging and piercing ability to see the truth. We all have this innate ability to use our third eye and pierce the veil of physical reality, but do we really want to know the truth?”

Yogi Bhajan


The Third Eye Activation


  • Tap into the unseen world of energy, auras and intuitive vision. Learn the ability to see with new eyes and feel with a new heart.


  • workshop explores the quest for auric sight and intuitive wisdom, the next step in your spiritual development.


  • In many Native American cultures, the vision quest is a turning point taken in life to find oneself and to see one’s truth. The third eye activation is an alternative version of a vision quest.


  • This workshop makes use of the powerful techniques to access the gift of vision naturally and effortlessly. 


  • In this workshop you don’t have to “take” anything to see, you learn to unblock and unlock the energy that is preventing you from see-ing.


Super excited to share this course with you:


I have been teaching this course for almost 20 years now with great success and this is the next logical step to introduce this work to people that can’t see me in person. I have tested the technique’s extensively and only kept the most effective ones to ensure success… berto


So how do you know that the energy of 2020 is affecting you?


  • emotional turmoil
  • fluctuating energy levels
  • headaches
  • un-groundedness
  • dreamstate awakening
  • increased sensitivity to intense situations
  • dietary changes
  • lack of sleep
  • allergies
  • the cave syndrome
  • Scrambled memory 
  • feeling lost
  • unexplained emotions
  • awareness increased
  • seeking soul’s purpose
  • intuitive awakening
  • disease patterns
  • buttons are being pushed



How do you know you are ready for this workshop?


  • feelings of boredom or feeling lost
  • wanting a closer connection with spirit
  • seeking to see the unseen world
  • tired of repeating the same energy patterns over and over
  • tired of repeating same issues with family members
  • tired of not being in abundant flow
  • seeking a deeper meaning in life
  • wanting to grow spiritual and intuitive abilities
  • wanting to see auras, guides, angels and other energy beings
  • wanting a deeper connection with earth and Self
  • seeking perspective about your life 


This workshop will help you to cope with earthly and energy changes in and around you and will give you tools to transform the unknown into the known and the unconscious into the conscious – helping to make the energy of 2020 easier to integrate!


We are all blessed at birth with the gift of psychic vision but through fear and programming we lose the ability. This workshop will help you to tap into the unseen world in a safe and structured manner. Most people see through feeling, intuition, knowing or visions in the mind, but to make energy real we must see it physically. If you already see movement or flashes of colour then this workshop will give you more insight and clarity. 


The lens of the soul


When we want to see the unmasked truth of our lives we must explore the inner lens of our mind, the lens that filters and masks our reality. During this workshop you will create a lens of perception, the lens will give you insight and clarity about the manner you view your reality. Once you have found your lens then we can clear the lens through meditation and advance third eye activation. This will create the clarified and transparent lens of your soul, your soul’s truth.


How the lens works:


If you have a scratch on your lens, let’s call this scratch poverty, then through the laws of the universe you will see your world through the eyes of poverty. If you see your world like that, then you will attract more of the same. This is what keeps us trapped in the same energy patterns. During this workshop, you will learn powerful techniques to access and cleanse your lens and change the way you experience life.


What you will learn:


  • how to connect to spirit helpers, plant devas, power animals, oceanic emotional messengers, messengers from the insect and bird kingdom.
  • seeing auras and structures in the aura
  • getting out of the rational mind into the no-mind space
  • awareness about buttons and psychic limitations
  • how to have fun while learning about your energy
  • awareness about the limiting programs that rule your life
  • awareness of inner soul energy and outer ego energy
  • activating your psychic abilities



How it works:


  • You will receive the Third Eye Activation notes in a PDF format
  • You will learn clearing rituals to brighten your aura and chakras.
  • You will learn practical techniques how to open the third eye and how to see energy.
  • You will receive online support through videos and meditations
  • You will receive loads of free workshop materials, covering intuition and pendulum work. 


You study / play in your own time so, you receive your notes and do the course at your own pace in your own time.


What you need:

  • 20 min each day to do energy exercises
  • Download Adobe Reader free at https://get.adobe.com/reader 
  • Access to a printer 


There is a whole uncharted world inside of you, are you brave enough to move within and start exploring?


Third Eye Activation

  • With your order you will recieve a login code for videos and meditations related to this course.

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