Learn to make your own

Tarot Cards

  • activate your intuitive abilities

  • activate your creative potential

  • learn about the ancient art of tarot readings

  • learn how to accurately read the Tarot Cards for yourself

  • learn how to read any tarot deck easily

  • learn how to give yourself intuitive guidance when you get stuck

  • learn how to make your own tarot cards

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Why would I need  Distant Aura Healing?


Just like a car that needs maintenance every now and again our energy bodies work in a similar way. We collect negative emotions, stuck thought patterns and spiritual hitch-hikers through just living life and it is important to clear the interferences to live a balanced and aligned life. Our distant Healing Sessions is a perfect way for you to recalibrate your energy in these changing times

Instructions for use:


Visualise light flowing from above your crown chakra into your heart chakra.

Ask your Higher Self to show you the

energy your aura needs right now.

Hover the mouse over the cards and the cards will shuffle. 

Click on a card when you feel ready.

Scroll down to read the message.


Tip: the colour of the background shown in the card is also the colour your aura needs right now. Wear clothing in that colour, visualise light filling your aura, or wear a crystal in that colour. 

Click on the card to start another reading.

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Available soon

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New workshop coming soon.

Practical techniques to help you to see and feel energy. This workshop will support empaths and intuitive people. 

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Free Intro Workshop coming soon.

Learn how to navigate your energy through these difficult times.


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